Google's GSuite Services

GSuite Services

Gsuite is Gooogle's Cloud based solution to help your Organization to work from anywhere and anytime with full security and collaboration . It includes popular tools like Gmail, Drive , Calendar , Docs , and Hangouts. It helps in communication , storage and sharing , collabartion and user management. This solution has advanced security to reduce security risks.As a proud Google Cloud partner , we provide our knowledge and services to start your Journey with the new Google Gsuite service.

Key Points
As a Google Cloud partner we have the right skills and resources to ensure a smooth transition to GSuite. We provide all the support and service to implement Gsuite sevrice for your organization. We provide complete G Suite evaluation, planning, deployment and post-deployment support. We also offer Data Migration,Security Integration, Mobile Devices Integration and User Training for your organization.
  • Collaboration: Easy and effective tool with seamless Integration and support for legacy systems
  • Security: Very Secure Solution with highest securty and privacy standards and also supports a simple and secure users, devices and data management
  • Remote Work: Work from anywhere and anytime with any device by connecting with powerful mobile apps.Store and access data safely with cloud
  • Innovation: Help your team with right tools to create innovative solutions
  • Cost Effective: Save money by reducing the operating cost by switching to GSuite