Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Service Bus

ESB is the backbone of the Enterprise solutions. It gives the flexibility to integrate various functions, divisions, products and services irrespective of underlying platforms, technologies and processes. It ensures secure and smooth flow of information between different domains and applications. It removes the cross platform dependency and allow faster development.

Key Points
Our ESB solutions are designed to make sure that existing systems remains intact. We achieve this by creating our Advance Integration Framework which enables hand-shaking between applications for current needs as well as provisioning for future integration needs. We use ESB as a managed message system that provides routing, data transformation, translation upon a client's request and event-interpretation. Our ESB frameworks has been perfected with years of experience. It boosts operational efficiency and agility by consolidating apps and it has an easier operational support due to transparency. We also provide customized ESB framework based on our clients' preferences to achieve business goals
We have successfully implemented ESB frameworks for various clients in different domains i.e. Finance, Banking, Telecom, Energy, Aviation and Public sectors. Our ESB frameworks have evolved over past few years with loads of research and real time experience to provide a boost to Enterprise Applications.
Our team has developed strong competencies in Oracle SOA Suite , Mule ESB , TIBCO ,SAP NetWeaver,IBM Websphere & Microsoft Azure and industry leading off-the-shelf EAI solutions.
Our solutions offer better flexibility to adapt to changing requirements and technologies. Our focus is to enhance Reusability of services to save time and money.
We implement End to End ESB solutions with support, maintenance and training to ensure that client has full control and understanding of the solution. It gives our clients the opportunity to enhance and customize the framework in future at minimum cost.